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Is Your Company Digitally Mature?

Business owners and CEOs are considering this question about the organizations they lead because they recognize the tsunami of change that is currently altering the marketplace.

In just a few short years, there have been major advances in technology that have created waves of change across nearly every industry. New online platforms, products, and secure cloud services have emerged to simplify areas of business that have been traditionally difficult to manage, but also create new challenges for businesses that must now adapt to those changes. People are also now more "connected" than ever before. There is a greater expectation for a personalized experience whenever people go online to research products and services, do their shopping, or share their stories with friends and family.

Businesses must adapt to thrive in this new digital marketplace. The organizations that can recognize how, when, and where to adapt to these changes will achieve a level of digital maturity to not only compete, but to become leaders in their industry.

The pathway to digital maturity can be a long one but it must begin by knowing where to start. We help our clients to find and navigate the best path forward, and then guide them along the way.


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Our Clients

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At Horixons, we have a passion for businesses and nonprofit organizations, including churches that work hard to bring products and services to their local communities. It is our pleasure and our aim to be their trusted adviser and an advocate at their side in support of their vision, mission, and values.

The Horixons team gave us a boost of confidence and helped us to find the best option to replace our donor management service with a platform that will scale as our organization grows. They were true advocates for our team...
— Sarah Gray, Chief Development Officer at Children's Hope Alliance

Professional Services

We guide and equip businesses and nonprofit organizations that recognize the need to be digitally mature, offering professional services to inspire change leadership and encourage innovation in pursuit of the opportunities that digital transformation presents to their business.

digital maturity

Working with key resources within your organization, we'll provide your company with an assessment of your digital maturity relative to your customers, suppliers and competitors within your industry.

Project & digitalization

Do you already have a specific project or business opportunity that could use a boost from our team? We have the experience to properly plan and effectively execute specific actions that achieve specific business outcomes.

DIGITAL transformation

Digital Transformation is a long-game. We will work with your organization to advise on digitalization opportunities relative to your current level of digital maturity and your company’s mission and vision.


We offer services for companies that seek additional senior leadership guidance and support for current or future-state IT infrastructure investments, budget planning, and service optimization centered on security, stability, availability, and scaleability.


We will partner with your senior leadership team to depict a clear view of the environment in which your organization operates, promoting iterative strategic plans focused on the customer experience and anchored to your mission, vision, and values.

organizational development
& Resource Planning

It's all about your people. Do you have the right people in the right roles? We offer leadership and guidance to orient your organization to align to your strategic goals.


Change is hard, but it begins with a first step.

You can’t go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending
— C.S. Lewis


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